Code Of Conduct

  • I shall respect the priotities of membership in the following order:

1) Family
2) Job
3) Club
4) Community
5) Self – I shall wear my club colours with honour and pride.

  • I shall respect the dignity and humanity of my family members, the comitee members, my gender, sexuallity, sexual orientation, political affinity, religion and disability.
  • I shall be a member of integrity. My behavvior shall bring honour to my family, club, committee members, fellow club members, members of the community and myself.
  • I shall support the objective of the club.
  • I shall be loyal to and respect the judgement of the leadership.
  • I shal respect and obey to the rules and regulations of the National Road Traffic ACT 93 of 1996 and the rules and regulations of my club.
  • I will follow and obey reasonable instructions from the club committee.
  • I shall ensure the safety of myself, my passenger and other road users at all times.

As with any value system:
People joining as member of XCALIBUR have to confirm their commitment to strive towards making this Constitution and code of conduct part of their lives.
To be part of XCALIBUR you choose to embrace the Constitution and Code of Conduct.
XCALIBUR is an extended family orientated motor cycle club with special emphasis placed on the Family.
A true biker will always live by a code.

Ride the Biker Road.