Xcalibur MCC

Xcalibur MCC


Welcome to Xcalibur Mcc South Africa

Xcalibur would like to welcome you to our site and to experience the biking brotherhood with us.


Xcalibur is the Sword of King Arthur. King Arthur’s history and legend is intimately linked to the magic and mystery of this magnificent sword. Arthur knelt in front of the stone and took the sword and beheld his destiny. Arthur was anointed with the Sacred Oil and in the presence of all the common people whereas he solemnly swore to be a loyal king and to defend Truth and Justice all the days of his life.


Xcalibur MCC was established in accordance to truth and justice. We’ve also added loyalty. No man is protected without his weapon and Xcalibur represent the brotherhood that was formed within us.


Mr. H the founder of Xcalibur started this club in March 2008. Xcalibur got known for the members and their loyalty. Xcalibur is a family orientated motorcycle club, we still enjoy our fellow bikers and to us they are all our family members.


Biking is a very intimate experience which could be expressed in many different ways. We treasure our children, our members and extended family members.


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